Note: This guide is for legacy users and Pluto business partners only.

 If you are a new user, use this guide instead.

Summary of Setup Process

These instructions will help you get started with PlutoSphere.

Note: Only users that have been accepted into the PlutoSphere Early Access program will be able to complete them. 

We have set up an account for you on a service called Desktop Vision. If you receive an email regarding resetting your Desktop Vision password, please ignore it.  Do not reset your Desktop Vision password. 

Once set up, you can use your PlutoSphere computer any time you like. We are not currently limiting how much you can freely use this service. We will let you know when we switch to a paid service, which is further down the road.

Similarly, you are welcome to install any software you are legally licensed to use. Please do not use any illegal or malicious software on your 
PlutoSphere computer.

This process should take less than an hour. Once you’ve completed this process, connecting in the future will be much faster.

This one-time process involves five stages, which consist of:

1.) Configuring the Remote Connection - This will give you direct access to your PlutoSphere computer’s desktop.

2.) Desktop Configuration - This will give you a chance to configure your PlutoSphere computer and install games.

3.) Installing PlutoSphere on your Quest device - We’ll send you an invite link for our app on SideQuest.

4.) Connecting to and using PlutoSphere -  You will launch the Quest app, log in to your Pluto account and use PlutoSphere!

5.) Providing feedback about your experience - To improve PlutoSphere, we ask that you provide feedback about your experience on our Discord server.

Using the information you previously provided, we have set up a cloud-based VR computer just for you. Once you have access, you can treat this computer like it is your own. You can configure it and decorate it how you like. You will be the only user of this computer.

1.) Configuring the Remote Connection (Desktop Vision)

To connect to your PlutoSphere computer, it's always a good idea to make sure the computer is turned on. 

To check its status and turn it on, you can visit the following page on your computer, phone or Quest device:

Log in to your Pluto account if necessary.

Your computer may be turned on now, but it'll be good to bookmark this page for future use. 

If your computer is not on in the future, you can click Start next to PlutoSphere Status on that page. This process can take 2-5 minutes to complete.

Once the computer is on, you can  use a web-based service called Desktop Vision to connect to the desktop. 

This will allow you to configure your PlutoSphere computer and install games.

To make this as easy as possible, we have already created an account for you. 

On your personal computer, open a web browser and go to:

Choose to Sign in with email. 

Enter the email address associated with the Pluto account you previously provided. 

Your password will be provided to you in a Direct Message on Discord

Note: We recommend saving this password in a secure location to access your computer in the future.

Important: Please do not change your Desktop Vision password. Doing so will prevent you from connecting to your computer in the future.

Also, if you are using an ad blocker, you may need to disable it for this site.

There is no need to install the Desktop Vision streamer app on your personal computer. Desktop Vision is currently browser-based.

Once logged in, you should see a computer labeled ”Plutosphere-<username>

Click on it to connect. 

After a moment, you should be connected to your PlutoSphere computer.

2.) Desktop Configuration

Once you’ve connected to the computer using Desktop Vision, you can log in to Steam and begin installing games.

If interacting with the desktop feels sluggish, it may be a performance issue with 
Desktop Vision that will not be seen in VR. We are working closely with the Desktop Vision team to improve performance.

Since this computer will only be used by you, we recommend clicking the Remember my password checkbox.

You can now begin installing any VR experiences or games you would like to try.

Once your games are downloading, make sure 
SteamVR is running. It can be launched from an icon on your Taskbar/Desktop.

PlutoSphere to work, you’ll need to be logged in to Steam and have SteamVR running.  When you are not connected with your Quest device, SteamVR will state “Please plug in your VR headset”. 

SteamVR may display a message that a headset cannot be found. This will go away once you connect to 

You should now have some games downloading. It’s okay if they haven’t finished yet.

Note: While Desktop Vision and VR can be used simultaneously, Desktop Vision does use system resources to stream to your personal computer. Exiting Desktop Vision once you’re in VR may positively affect performance. Feel free to experiment and let us know about your experience in the #feedback-desktop-access channel on Discord.

3.) Configuring your Quest device

Connect your Quest device to your personal computer and launch SideQuest.

Verify in the top left corner that your device is detected. 

Type "PlutoSphere" in the search box in the top right. Click on it when it appears.

You should see the SideQuest page for PlutoSphere. In the top right, click Install to Headset.

There should be a small green box in the bottom right that says Installing.

After a moment, you should see a green bar at the bottom of SideQuest saying “All tasks complete”. 

You can verify that PlutoSphere was installed by clicking the Currently Installed Apps button at the top right. It looks like a grid of nine squares. 

In the Search package box, type “PlutoSphere”. 

If you see com.plutovr.plutosphere listed, it worked. 

You can now exit SideQuest and disconnect your headset.

4.) Connecting to and using PlutoSphere

At this point, the next steps will all be with your headset on.

We recommend that you access 
PlutoSphere on your Quest as close as possible to your WIFI router to ensure the highest quality connection. 

Please don’t forget to leave feedback about your experience in our Discord server

Put on your headset.

Before doing anything else, launch the Oculus web browser. If prompted for an update, please do that and reboot your headset after.

Then, go to your App library.
The App Library doesn’t show apps loaded via 
SideQuest by default. We’ll need to choose to display Unknown Sources.

Click the dropdown in the top-right (Labeled All by default) and choose Unknown Sources from the bottom of the list.

The PlutoSphere app should be listed. Select it to launch PlutoSphere.

You should receive a message about allowing PlutoSphere to access photos, media and files on the device. Click Allow

The Oculus web browser should appear at the Pluto login screen.

Logging in with your Pluto credentials will register your headset with your Pluto account, which is already linked to your PlutoSphere computer.

Note: These are the Pluto account credentials you previously set up. Not the Desktop Vision password you received in a DM on Discord. 

After logging in, you should see “Registering PlutoSphere Device…Success
Tap the Oculus button to go back to your App library and run 
PlutoSphere again.
After a few moments, you should see the SteamVR grid. This means you are connected to SteamVR on your 
PlutoSphere computer!

You can click the Menu button on the left controller to access the SteamVR Dashboard and install/launch games from your library. 

Your PlutoSphere computer will be available to you for a maximum of 10 hours per day, but is not limited to any specific time of day. If you've reached the 10 hour limit, the computer will automatically shut off. We hope to have warnings about this in the future.

Reminder: You can turn your PlutoSphere computer on from here:

5.) Providing Feedback About Your Experience

Please provide feedback about your experience with PlutoSphere.

There are several feedback channels on our Discord server. Please choose the channel you think is most appropriate for the type of feedback you are providing. 

#feedback-onboardingFeedback related to this setup process.
#feedback-quest-app: Feedback related to installing, setting up and launching the Quest app.
#feedback-vr-performance: Feedback about how games run. Let us know what does and doesn’t work, and what settings you chose.
#feedback-desktop-access: Feedback about connecting to your PlutoSphere computer’s desktop.
#feedback-general: All other feedback can go here. 

Once set up, if you experience issues that are not related to this setup process, please describe them in detail on the #support channel. This way, the entire PlutoSphere team can see and respond to the issue, as well as other users that may have experienced the issue you are seeing. 


Your PlutoSphere computer can only be used as long as you have tokens in your Pluto account. These tokens will deplete as your computer is used. 

To add tokens to your account, go to your PlutoSphere section here and click on the ‘Get Tokens’ button. Follow the instructions presented to top up your token balance for free. A set amount of tokens will then automatically be added to your account.

Free Tokens can only be added:

  • When your token balance is below 1500 Tokens, and
  • Once every 24 hours

The GIF below is an example. Actual amounts may differ from those displayed.

Additional Information

Performance in games will vary, based on a variety of factors.

If you experience poor performance, try adjusting the 
per-application resolution within SteamVR’s settings. The global resolution setting on the General tab will not function with 

While in VR, click the Menu button on the 
left controller to open the Dashboard. Then click the gear in the lower right.

Go to the Video section and click Per-application Video Settings. 

Find and select the game you want to play.
Change the 
Custom Resolution Multiplier to 20% and hit Close.

Then, test the game. If the performance is good, try a higher percentage. With a little trial and error, you can find the best setting for the game.  If you find a setting that works, let us know in the 
#feedback-vr-performance channel on Discord.

If you still see performance issues, try adjusting in-game graphics settings.

Important Note: Please do not install or update drivers on your PlutoSphere computer, unless they are approved by the PlutoSphere team. Publicly available GPU drivers, for example, will prevent you from using VR. Drivers compatible with your PlutoSphere computer will be provided via our #software-updates channel on Discord whenever possible. 

Thanks again for your interest in PlutoSphere!

The End